Seniors Mental Health Services

Seniors Mental Health Services helps seniors (65+) live independently and maintain a level of satisfaction with life.

The service provides assistance to those suffering from feelings of depression, anxiety, grief, memory loss and various types of dementia or other mental health problems.

Education and support services are available to their caregivers.

Women's Services

Women’s Services are designed to meet the specific needs of women who have an addiction or who are affected by the addiction of others. Help is offered through individual counseling and specialized group counselling and prevention programming. 

Gambling Services

Gambling services are available to individuals, couples, families and anyone in distress because of excessive gambling (their own or others). Services include assessment, treatment and referrals to other professionals or self-help/support groups. 

Outpatient Addiction Services (Child and Adolescent)

The IWK Health Centre provides children and adolescents throughout the province with specialized mental health and addictions services. To learn more about these services visit the IWK Health Centre website.

Outpatient Addiction Services provide age-appropriate programs designed to meet the unique substance-use and gambling-related needs of adolescents. 

Recovery Group (Addictions)

The Recovery Group offers group counseling for adults where gambling and/or the use of alcohol or drugs have created problems in their lives. The group provides a positive place for people to grow, share and support other members in the recovery process.