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Review by Dr. Peter Schneider, Result: 47/100

Success with women through Alluramin

You finally want to be successful with women again. Lately you feel like you're becoming less and less attractive to women. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be you.

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But it may very well be that your body does not produce enough pheromones.

What are the consequences for you?

Unfortunately, this means that you become more and more "invisible" to the female sex. If the woman meets a man who has enough of this miracle substance in him, almost immediately brain areas responsible for the libido are activated in her, so you can still be funny, sensitive and witty, if your body does not send the right signals, you automatically have less chances in the women's world. But don't despair, there's something you can do about it.

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What's Alluramin's effect?]

This product is a successful mixture of pheromones, naturally in a high concentration. It's really working so you'll be noticed by the women's world again. No woman can say with certainty why she suddenly finds you so irresistible. Pheromones work in secrecy, the influence is not noticeable. It's not your goal for everyone to know you're taking pheromones. Surely your friends will wonder why you suddenly end up so well in the women's world. If you want, you can pass on your little secret. But maybe you just want to enjoy and keep quiet.
What are the ingredients?
Alluramin consists of different Androstaienon. These substances are odourless, but in women they immediately activate the pleasure centre. You're suddenly irresistible. Through these substances you suddenly appear strong and self-confident. A mixture that all women like. At the same time you radiate a feeling of security. That's something every woman wants, too. What woman does not want a man who is self-confident and strong, but at the same time carries her on his hands.
How about side effects?
Pheromones are natural substances. The only effect is that you suddenly become the object of desire. But this is a very pleasant appearance. The effect is amazing.
[h7]What is the right intake[/h7]
The dosage and application is simple. One bottle of Alluramin is enough for about a month. The vial has one of 14ml. Doesn't sound like much. But you only need to spread a little of the substance over your body. The neck or wrists are best suited for this. This lasts about 8-12 hours. When you've used Alluramin for about half a year, your body starts producing pheromones itself. That's because the body, over time, takes that smell. But don't worry, the smell is not perceived by the human nose. He's only sensed. So you can continue to use your favourite aftershave. So that the natural scent of the pheromones does not cover or displace.
[h8] What evidence is there that this is working? [/h8]
In Germany and America, studies have been carried out at universities, which confirm the effectiveness. Even renowned magazines such as Playboy or Men's Fitness have reported extensively on the effectiveness of pheromones. There's also a review about it and the evaluation is always very good. Various testimonials and one or the other reviews are available. It is undisputed that the use of pheromones has a positive resonance to the opposite sex. Women are attracted involuntarily to men who radiate this special fragrance. The woman can hardly defend herself against this feeling. It is simply a natural attractant that makes men so irresistible to women. You can also read the different experiences of users on our website - of course there is also a forum there. Have a look at the before and after pictures. It will surprise you how much her life has changed since then.
Where can I get Alluramin?
Alluramin doesn't exist in drugstores or the pharmacy. You can do it comfortably with us in the Shop order. We guarantee you the highest quality at a fair price. It is important to us that our customers really get the original. Therefore the acquisition is only possible through us. So you have the certainty to get the original and not some fake product. There are also many other products offered by amazon, for example. The names are then something like Mass Extreme, Green Barley Plus, Motion Free, ImpreSkin or Zeta White. But most of these products do not keep their promises and do a price comparison, Alluramin is really cheap to buy.
Of course you can pay buy on account and we also grant you a generous right of return,
[h10]I don't want my neighbor to know I'm taking Alluramin[/h10]
Don't worry - we're discreet. Your privacy is important to us. If you order from us, you will receive a small grey box after 3-4 working days. No one can see from the outside what valuable substance this package contains. The shipment is carried out by a trustworthy courier service. .

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You decided to change your life. You finally want to have more fun again, maybe you've been looking for the great love for a long time. So far you have lacked self-confidence and strength. When you really talked to a great woman, you quickly got a rebuff. You just didn't lack the right attraction for the opposite sex. That's exactly what you can change now. Try Alluramin and be surprised what happens. You will, already after the first application of stronger and more self-confident. This you radiate of course also. Now you won't be overlooked at the party and the disco anymore. You become by the increase of the pheromones again the absolute flirt object. Celebrate your successes in the women's world in the future. The resultss will convince you.

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