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Review by Dr. Peter Schneider, Result: 40/100
Have you ever noticed people on the Internet with black mud masks in the area of face masks? Then you've probably discovered the Black Mask. You wonder what those black masks are supposed to do?

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The black face mask is a facial peeling. The special thing about this peeling is that it changes its consistency and specifically removes blackheads. In the following we describe for you how the mask should work. We will also discuss why it is advisable to read a black mask review that may be present.

You suffer from blackheads and pimples on your face? Are you looking for a facial peeling to improve your skin appearance? Then the Black Mask face mask with the Peel-Off effect might be something for you. The facial peeling is intended to remove blackheads from the skin pores and improve the appearance of the skin.

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Black Mask effect - what are the properties and mode of action of the product?

The product is a facial peeling that you can apply like a normal cosmetic mask. The cosmetic product, like many other face masks, has to work for a certain period of time. During the application time the facial peeling changes its consistency and becomes rubbery. The rubbery mass should be easy to remove from the face. The effect is generally described as the Peel-Off effect.

What is the Black Mask and what is the Peel-Off effect?

The face mask is actually a peeling mask. This means that the Black Mask blackheads should remove and improve the skin appearance. The mask contains certain substances that are intended to dissolve blackheads. The peel-off effect is used to grip the blackheads and remove them from the skin pores. The change in mask consistency is responsible for the "grasping" of blackheads. A Black Mask should be used to remove blackheads, which are responsible for blemished skin and clog the pores.

What are the Black Mask ingredients?

Activated carbon is an ingredient that is said to be mainly responsible for the solution of blackheads. Activated carbon has an oxidative effect and is also responsible for the black colouring of the face mask. But activated carbon is not the only ingredient of the facial peeling. Often the cosmetic products also contain clay, salicylic acid and vitamins.

Is there black mask side effects?

Studies on undesired modes of action are not known, but skin irritations may occur due to the substances in the mask. Depending on the product, the facial peeling may contain alcohol or perfumes. Both perfume and alcohol can irritate the skin. Another ingredient may be eucalyptus. Eucalyptus may cause a contact allergy under certain circumstances. If you are not sure whether you can tolerate the substances contained in the Black Mask, you should consult pharmacy for advice or consult your doctor for allergy testing.

What is the application of Black Mask?

The manufacturer usually gives a recommendation of the dosage or the amount to be applied to the skin. The manufacturer's instructions, notes and recommendations should always be observed. The manufacturer also specifies an exposure time for his product. The application time should also be observed and only after the application time should the mask be removed from the face. The mask is first applied to the skin and changes its consistency during the application time. The mask becomes rubbery and can be removed from the facial skin. It should be noted that the face mask can dry out the skin. Moisturizing agents can remedy this. Note that it is not necessary to take the remedy, but that the face mask is only applied to the skin of the face.

Black Mask successes - does it really work and work?

According to the experience of other Internet users, the face mask can only remove superficial blackheads. The blackheads, which can be seen as black spots on the skin, can be loosened, grasped and removed with the face mask. Lower-lying blackheads cannot be removed by Black Mask. There are no Before After pictures on this website. It is advisable to read reports on reputable test sites on the Internet before placing a Black Mask order.


Which product XY reviews and experience reports are there?

There is a black mask reviews on the Internet and experience with the Black Mask should be obtained from reputable websites. Also a serious forum or reports (Evaluation) on amazon can help to find the right product.


Where can you get the buy black mask?

Results are only possible with serious products that do not turn out to be fakes. Below you will find a link to a reputable site.

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You want to buy the face mask on account or just the Black Mask cheap order? Then it is advisable to read the article so that you do not spend unnecessary money. Important is not necessarily the price or a price comparison when purchasing it product, however. The face mask should only really contain what is written on it. We also have information about the products Titan Gel, Chocolate Slimrdi, Chocolate Slim, Varikosette, XtraSize and many other products.

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