Kou Tea review / Test 2021

Review by Dr. Peter Schneider, Result: 27/100

Healthy, lean and active - these are the success criteria of today. But what if the body accumulates more and more fat, if no diet works properly and the cravings are unbearable? On the Internet you will find many tips and various slimming products.

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But how can you be sure that they are produced from natural active ingredients and have no undesirable effects? Kou Tea is a powerful blend of four teas that effectively help your body lose weight.

Weight loss - a vicious circle


We all know how difficult it can be to reduce body weight. If you do not eat, you run the risk of not getting enough important nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Your body becomes weak, has no energy to move actively, which in turn slows down your metabolism. Is there even a way out of this vicious circle?

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Kou Tea has four natural ingredients: Pu-Erh Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea and White Tea, which in their own way positively influence the weight loss process.



This tea significantly improves digestion and thus alleviates many health problems, such as indigestion, problems with small and large intestine. Proper digestion cleanses the body of free radicals and lowers the blood cholesterol level.



Green tea accelerates fat burning and reduces appetite. Green tea promotes metabolism through its incredible antioxidant properties.



Oolong tea is traditionally used in herbal medicine. It helps the body to regulate the fat metabolism. The breakdown of the stored fats releases additional energy that can be used for intensive exercise or fitness training. A high caffeine content provides a further energy boost.



White tea is a powerful antioxidant and contributes to weight loss. But its most important characteristic is its delicious, pleasant taste, which soothes the strong taste of oolong tea and green tea. You can drink Kou Tea without using a lot of sweetener, which results in the reduction of calorie intake.

The most important advantages of Kou Tea

Unlike many other products offered on the Internet, such as Black Mask, Titan Gel, Chocolate Slim, PhenQ, XtraSize, you can be sure that XtraSizerdi is made from natural products. Many studies show that XtraSizerdi has positive effects on the body's metabolism. Field reports provide evidence of significant appetite reduction by taking XtraSizerdi. Appetite suppression helps you to avoid high-calorie and sugary foods without suffering from cravings. Fat and weight reduction leads to a better feeling of well-being. You feel active and healthy, beautiful and confident.

Does Kou Tea side effects


Kou Tea will have no adverse effects on you unless you are allergic to tea. If you know that you have been allergic to any type of tea, talk to your doctor before you start drinking Kou Tea. Kou Tea has a high caffeine content. If you are sensitive to caffeine, it is advisable to ask your doctor for his recommendations.

What experience do our customers have with Kou Tea

, successes and results?

Kou Tea combines different types of tea, which cause weight loss in different ways. You don't have to search for each variety separately. You already get a ready-made mixture, in which the teas are contained in an optimal dosage. In the forum our customers report that they could train much more intensively thanks to the energy boost they got after drinking Kou Tea, which led to a quick weight loss. Another effect that evaluation says our customers appreciate about Kou Tea is appetite loss. Kou Tea suppresses appetite, which promotes a balanced diet and reduces weight much faster. Before After After pictures prove that many of our customers achieved their ideal weight and were able to hold it for a long time. Kou Tea has successfully passed the reviews with our customers. The conclusion of the review was as follows: Kou Tea's really working.

How can you prepare

your Kou Tea?

When preparing Kou Tea there are some things to consider. Pour hot, but not boiling water over the Kou Tea bag and do not let it steep for more than one minute. The boiling water can destroy the valuable enzymes of the tea and the long brewing time impairs the fine tea taste. The use of Kou Tea with every meal is recommended to ensure its healthy effect.

Consumer Warning

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A few more tips before buying

You are now convinced of the many advantages of pricerdi and would like the buy tea. You can certainly get pricerdi at an online petrol station or at the amazon order. However, it is very advisable to start a price comparison before buying, because many products are sold at an overpriced price. Caution is also required when selecting suppliers. Counterfeiting has become a very lucrative business and you run the risk of getting a fake instead of a quality product. Only if you order pricerdi on the website of the manufacturer, you can be sure to get a high quality product cheap and on account.

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