PhenQ review / Test 2021

Review by Dr. Peter Schneider, Result: 52/100
In our society we are constantly exemplified by a certain ideal of beauty. No matter where you look, a slim body suggests eternal youth, health and seems to be the only thing worth striving for. If you fall out of the frame optically, you quickly feel inferior.

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On the other hand, more and more seductions are lurking around every corner, making it difficult to constantly do without - no matter how much your trousers pinch or your own weight may even cause health problems such as joint pain, heart problems or diabetes.

Do you have too many kilos on your hips?

How we'd all like to look, like the models in the fashion magazines. The choice of clothes would be easier, the jeans would no longer pinch, the bikinie shopping would be less frustrating and pretty much every situation would be easier to manage with a few pounds less - especially if a few pounds have become a few kilos too much and our health is endangered.
Have too many crash diets ruined your metabolism? Do you feel uncomfortable and fear the pejorative evaluation from strangers? Do you have to go hungry to get even one or two kilos down and are you frustrated because you are in a bad mood and tired because of constant hunger, while you can't celebrate a successes on the scales, but have to buy one trouser size bigger again? Have you tried everything and nothing brought results? Have you already read the one or other implausible review and don't know more?
What if a single product could solve all these problems? And that to a reasonable price? One product now promises just that: PhenQ.

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How the product works

PhenQ will combine the active systems of different diet products in a single product to combat excess pounds in five different ways:
stored fat should be burned quickly and effectively by increasing your metabolism
suppress appetite so that you automatically eat less and you can reduce your calorie intake more easily - without being the victim of unpleasant ravenous appetite attacks
The fat production should be blocked and a renewed weight gain prevented in such a way.
-PhenQ should keep your energy level up; the usual floppiness and fatigue during the diet should be prevented in this way
-PhenQ should also improve your state of mind: your mood does not deteriorate with a diet
These 5 starting points make weight loss uncomplicated and inexpensive compared to other weight loss products.

What's PhenQ?

PhenQ is a combination of the best ingredients of various weight loss products. According to the manufacturer, no other weight loss product offers this precisely coordinated combination of active ingredients.
In addition, PhenQ is the only product to offer ?-LACYS RESET(R), an ingredient that has been scientifically proven to be effective in weight loss and that provides the greatest weight loss. This stimulates the metabolism, and at the same time thermogenesis, which ensures that you can burn fat quickly.
The accelerated metabolism in turn increases the heat production of your body. The body also burns more calories for this heat production. Thus, Lacys Reset(R) also helps to burn more calories: this also accelerates the melting of the fat deposits - PhenQ really works.

What are the ingredients?

PhenQ is manufactured using only the highest quality, purely natural active ingredients that meet the pharmaceutical standards of the American and British FDA and GMP facilities. Most of them are even known from hearsay. In addition, PhenQ is a purely herbal product: vegetarians and vegans can also access it and lose excess pounds with PhenQ.
In addition to the ? lacys Reset(R), PhenQ naturally contains other active ingredients:

Capsimax powder

The Capsimax powder is a fat destroying mixture of Piperin, Capsicum, Niacin (known from cosmetics: vitamin B3) and caffeine. Capsicum and Piperin (=black pepper) are strong thermogens, so they increase your body temperature and help you to lose weight, because the body can burn even more fat. Piperine is even being investigated with regard to the prevention of new fat cells: new fat cells should not be able to be formed so quickly. But numerous tests have also suggested the effectiveness of Capsicum for weight loss: several tests have proven the positive effect of Capsicum for weight loss. They are linked on the homepage of the manufacturer.

calcium carbonate

We already know that calcium is good for the bones: even as a child we were allowed to drink a lot of milk because of it. New is the following fact regarding calcium: it works however also for the receipt of a healthy weight. Recent studies have shown that calcium stimulates body cells to store less fat by telling cells that the body is already well nourished and does not need to store more fat. If the body gets less food during a diet, it tends to store fat more than ever: it thinks a famine is imminent and must store everything it gets. Instead, the cells are stimulated to burn even more stored fat - which in turn accelerates weight loss.
There is even an investigation in which obese adults carried out a diet as part of a 6-month test: if this diet was carried out with increased calcium intake, the subjects lost more body weight and body fat.

Chrome Picolinates

Chromium picolinate is a natural mineral found in vegetables, meat and wholemeal products, for example. It reduces the craving for carbohydrates and sweets by helping the body to control blood sugar levels. So if you ingest something containing sugar, this sugar is absorbed into the blood and used by the cells as energy. However, if the cells already have enough sugar, you will no longer feel a ravenous appetite for it. Chromium picolinate ensures that the cells absorb as much sugar as possible - reducing the hunger for sweets as the cells are saturated.
This was confirmed by a study at Cornell University, which is also linked to the manufacturer's website.


Caffeine is popular for good reason and is not only found in coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant; it helps us to increase our attention and concentration. We feel less fatigue. In addition, however, it can help reduce the feeling of hunger and speed up the fat burning process in our body by increasing thermogenesis. Therefore, when using PhenQ, the consumption of coffee or energy drinks over and above this should not be excessive.


What is Nopal? Nopal comes from the Nopal cactus and is extremely rich in fiber. It helps to control hunger. In addition, it is rich in amino acids: these provide energy that can be missing here and there during a diet. Finally, Nopal helps to get rid of annoying water retention: Nopal has a real and varied effect!

L-Carnitine Furmarate

L-Carnitine Furmarat is a naturally occurring amino acid. It is found in red meat, vegetables and nuts. L-carnitine helps to convert fat reserves into energy. This not only accelerates the burning of fat reserves, but also helps to counteract fatigue and listlessness during a diet. Many athletes resort to L-carnitine before training, for example, to increase their performance during training and burn their fat reserves at the same time.

Does that have PhenQ side effects?

PhenQ is a natural food supplement, made from purely natural active ingredients. side effects are therefore not yet known. However, if you have health problems of any kind, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor before taking it, or ask at the pharmacy before having any unpleasant experiences.
There is also no known impairment of oral contraceptives.

How do application and dosage work?

The dosage from PhenQ is very uncomplicated. Other products, such as Phallosan Forte or Goji Cream, are used to complicated applications, or, as with Miralash, you have to think about using them regularly to achieve the desired effect. PhenQ, on the other hand, only needs to take one tablet with a meal in the morning and one at noon. However, the manufacturer advises against taking it after 3 p.m. in order not to impair the sleep rhythm.
The manufacturer also advises against a higher dose; a better decrease could not be achieved by this.

The PhenQ Success

Does PhenQ work? Many reports together with evaluation in the net confirm this. PhenQ helps burn excess fat, curb appetite and prevent mood swings. Many test reports and numerous Before After pictures in the forum and on the manufacturer side seem to confirm this as well.

What reviews and experience reports are there?

On the homepage of the manufacturer you will find a link to each of the studies used in PhenQ, which prove their efficacy. The science behind the product is very transparent and comprehensible.
In addition to the scientific section, you will also find numerous testimonials from real users and their illustrated resultss. All this is vividly illustrated by many before-after pictures, one gets a realistic impression of what is possible with the product. But you can also find more than just a review on the internet, if you don't want to rely on the information on the manufacturer's website alone.

Where can you do buy PhenQ?

You should order PhenQ directly from the manufacturer buy and not from amazon like Detoxic, Detoxicrdi or Miralash. The manufacturer does not sell his products there - these are counterfeit products. In general, there is now a big problem with counterfeit products, so you shouldn't follow a tip from a forum and fall for an alleged bargain. These never offer the high quality ingredients like the original. In addition to the effectiveness of such counterfeits, product safety in particular is not guaranteed.
Going on an alleged bargain search is actually also superfluous: there is no reason for it in view of the conditions which the manufacturer offers on its own side. With an order with the manufacturer one does not seem to take any risk. One can comfortably benefit on order's account and beyond from a 60 day money back guarantee. Of course, numerous other payment options are also offered, such as payment by credit card or, of course, PayPal. The shipping is completely free of charge.

price comparison

Such an effective, well researched product, which advertises with ingredients of the highest quality, but that is certainly expensive? No - if you think about it, it is even quite cheap with just over 1EUR per day. Here the comparison is worthwhile - if you buy several packs at the same time, you can save enormously here. And since order can be taken on account, the risk you take with it is ultimately also limited.
A normal package costs 75,95EUR - but at the moment it is reduced by 10EUR to 65,95EUR. The pack contains 60 tablets, so one pack is sufficient for one complete month. Here already first disappeared kilos should become visible.
If you buy directly two packs - you have a 60-day money back guarantee - then you pay less: 129,95EUR - and on top of that you get the third pack for free.
If you buy three packs it will of course be even cheaper: 174.95EUR and you get two packs for free on top, as well as 10 ebooks, which should support you in your acceptance so books on sports, nutrition plans and so on. An all around carefree package, quasi - here the price is right!
The price comparison is therefore particularly worthwhile here. If you consider how much money you've already spent on products that should serve self-optimization, such as Phallosan Forte, Goji Cream or Detoxic... most products cost a multiple.

Consumer Warning

You want to buy PhenQ? Only use the official website to avoid overprized, ineffective fake products.

This is the only legitimate source:
✓ 100% safe
You've had enough of your diet frustration and finally want to see successes? You are ready for your own reviews with pharmacyrdi and want to know if this whole theoretical science will melt your own pounds in practice? Then remember, you're not sitting on a fake. Don't just throw the product with Fresh Fingers in your shopping cart at amazon or let Fresh Fingers talk you into some alternative product. Find out more about pharmacyrdi on the manufacturer's website and think about whether pharmacyrdi is the right product for you according to your experience. If you decide to do so, you should only buy from the manufacturer, because you don't know what has been mixed into a fake and the same effectiveness will hardly be offered by a counterfeit product. effect and safety are only guaranteed with the original product - and you should be worth it. After all, it is about leading a healthier life full of joie de vivre.

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